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Abstract Accepted!

Woohoo!!!  The fine folks in charge at the ASEE Annual Conference have accepted my abstract.  Looks like I’m headed to Indiana in June next summer.  That’s way better thatn having to head up there in January!

Urban Planning Application Survey

The survey idea is a hit with Drs. Mitsova, Shankar and McAfee.  They have even agreed to entice the students to complete the survey with a few extra point for each student who completes a survey.  We will collect all the data in a shared spreadsheet which along the survey itself is a Google Docs document.  To the view the survey click here.

I’ve sent an email to all the students asking them to participate in the survey.  Fingers crossed we get lots of responses.


Hi there!

Welcome the Content Access project blog.  My name is Kristine Donate.  This is my last semester at FAU as I will be graduating in December with my Master’s in Computer Science.  Dr. Shankar and his fellow instructors across different departments developed this amazing program bring students cross-discipline students together to design and develop Android Applications addressing Urban Planning and Development concepts and concerns such a rainwater harvesting, invasive species, alternative energy and so on.  This program is on-going and each semester new students are brought into the fold.  I will be gathering data from the current semester’s student which in turn will aid in the research efforts of future students by leveraging the Semantic Web!  Please feel free to check out information from Dr. Shankar’s efforts here and here.

Biomedical Signal Processing book

The book “Biomedical Signal Processing,” from Willis J. Tompkins, provides fundamental information in the topic and is the main bibliography for this course.

For additional information about the topic, please refer to the online text book: Click here.

Please click in “Login as a Guest” for full access to the text book.

Note: Dr. Willis J. Tompkins authorized the full access to his text book.


Hi! My name is Felipe L. Carvalho and I am researching in a very exciting field of Electrical Engineering. I am working on my Honors Project named “Biomedical Signal Processing.” In this project, I am working with Texas Instruments’ OMAP L-138 Digital Signal Processing Board and components of analog circuits to design experiments covering applications of Signal Processing in Biomedical Engineering.

I am involved with this project since July of 2013 and by the end of it, scheduled to May/2014, a new Biomedical Signal Processing Engineering Laboratory course will be fully designed and ready to be implemented. The best thing is that this course is being designed using low-cost hardware and software!

Join me in this exciting and challenging topic. This webpage is the primary channel of communication.  All documents, code, tutorials and lab guides written throughout the next few months will be made totally available in this page!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate in sending me an email:


F2F meeting #2

Great presentations from the application teams tonight!  These people are super sharp!  You can tell they have really done their research to find the information they need as well as web sites to share and utilize within their applications some even incorporating social communities to get app users to get involved with other in their local geographies.  I asked these teams to share their tips and tricks for researching at the last meeting, but I just don’t see how they can get his information to me efficiently.  Hmmm . . .  what about a survey?

Getting started with blogging

Tricked you didn’t I?!  Just this week we received access to this blog site.  I’ve been working with the IT folks and reading up on using WordPress to make sure I can get these blogs out to all those interested!  (Please don’t all rush in to comment at once.)

I figured out how to add categories so my introductory blog would be separate from these weekly posts.  Somehow, I also managed to figure out how to adjust the post dates so they would align with the activities covered in the blog.  The menu part was a bit tricky but looks good don’t you think??

App updates

First week of October already?!?!?  Time flies, that is for sure.  One of the things coming out of the F2F presentations on 9/20 was streamlining of application topics.  One of the teams realized their idea had all ready been done, so the app topics are moving around a bit.  I’m working with Dr. Mitsova to get a updated list of applications.

Biomedical Signal Processing

This will document the work of Felipe Carvalho, one  of our bright electrical engineering students,  as he adapts digital signal processing modules developed for a TI board to biomedical lab experiments. The focus will be on the ECG signal  (acquiring, filtering, feature extraction, pattern recognition, and diagnosis).