Monthly Archives: November 2013

It’s finally starting to come together

I just spent over an hour speaking with Sifat regarding the application he and Glenn created.  The have definitely put some major time and effort into this!  Sifat walked me through some of the finer details of the ontology and where the application utilizes the information to collect keyword for its web search.  I know have a clear understanding of the sort of information and how to structure the ontology.  The one thing I will be doing differently is incorporating a URL to seed the web search.  This is be added most likely as a object property in the ontology.  Even better, we have a pretty good idea how to tweak the application slightly so it can be used for more general topic web searches.  Thank you Sifat!!

Diabetes Managmement Application

Kudos to Sifat Islam and Glenn Fretag for their great work on the Diabetes Management Application which using the Semantic Web to search the WWW for related diabetes drug information.  Just one of the links to a collection of their work is here.  The ontology created by Sifat is the foundation of my ontology for this project.  The goal is to also make Sifat and Glenn’s application useful for searching the web for all sort of information, not just that concerning diabetes.  Sifat has presented his research and demo’d the application in a recent class of Dr. Shankar’s.  I need to follow up with Sifat on a few questions I have after his presentation.  I’ll get that set up in the next week or so.



My name is Jean Lapaix and I am currently working on improving the precision of a low-cost robotic platform. The platform will be used to demonstrate mathematical concepts to high school students. I plan to utilize optical encoders and PID algorithms to increase the precision of the platform’s mobility as well as use Bluetooth communication to display data for the students to see on a laptop or mobile device.

I began the project in August of 2013 and currently in the prototyping stage of development. I will update this blog of my accomplishments so far and next plans of action to be used as a resource for your prospective projects.

Surveys Responses

Hmmm, we are not really getting the response we hoped for with the survey.  It should really affect the ontology itself I will be developing, but without the right data, the application using the ontology just won’t be as effective.  I’m going to trying posting a plea for responses on the Android Application LinkedIn group.  And, Dr. Shankar is actually giving his class an assignment to complete the survey.  That should definitely help!