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Getting Started

The first few weeks are all about coming up to speed on the work done to date.  I started out reading all the information all ready available line at Center for Systems Integration and Semantic Web.  The later has links to great work done by Safit Islam and Glen Freytag to aid in the search for Diabetes Management information on-line.  More on this in a minute.  After work on day I meet with Dr. Mitsova so see what her students had pulled together so far in terms of information on-line relative to the topics the Android Apps will address.  The spreadsheet has the application topics and a little more info, but I’m not really seeing yet how this all ties together. . .   I need to read more . . .

Getting back to Safit and Glen’s work, they have built a tools to utilize the semantic web searching for information assisting diabetes patients manage their illness.  I will leverage their work to build a ontology/taxonomy to help the Android Apps student find on-line information while they research their application’s issue.