Rasp Pic

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized single board computer, working with Linux it’s one of the cheapest computer which exist, $40 for the Model B. The difference between Model A and B is the RAM, 256MB for the A and 516MB for the B also the number of USB connector, just one for the A and 2 for the B also the model B is equipped with a Ethernet connector. For this project I used a Model B. To programming with this card you have a lot of possibility, like C language, Python, Scratch …


Model B

Here a list which all of we need to do this project :

Raspberry Pi : $37.50
USB/microUSB : $5.49
Adapter HDMI/VGA (if you haven’t a HDMI monitor) : $32.99
Mouse & Keyboard USB : less than $10
USB hub (not obligatory) : $6.99
Bluetooth dongle : $ 8.99
WebCam : “$30”

Total : $131.96