Welcome to our smart systems site!  We will report here on all research and teaching at FAU,  and trends as pertinent to computer  systems  as used in building intelligent and smart systems. This is at present limited to students and faculty working with Dr. Shankar on various multidisciplinary activities. It is viewed as an unifying site that will allow all students and faculty members to comment on their work, collaborations, and plans.

We welcome all faculty members and students at FAU to participate and contribute to the success of this site. However, it is a considerable amount of work to maintain sites (Dr. Shankar maintains 7 such sites); so, expect to volunteer your time too! Dr. Shankar will gladly transfer ownership to any FAU entity as and when a viable plan for its sustenance and maintenance  is achieved. At present, Dr. Shankar and a group of students working with Dr. Shankar have access to this site to post their blogs and research material. Once you know and understand reasonably well how to manage a blog page, feel free to communicate with Dr. Shankar to set up your own, related, blog site.  You may also consider starting your own website by communicating with help@eng.fau.edu

Welcome once again!

Dr. Ravi Shankar